Freezer Cooking

“You’ve seen it on Pinterest, You’ve seen it on Facebook, now you’re seeing it in the Rouse house!”
Ok, so it’s really not THAT exciting…but to me, it definitely was.  It was a “baby” attempt at freezer cooking for sure (only made four meals)…but freezer cooking nonetheless!  And I have to say – I’m hooked!

Finding new recipes that my dear hubby and I would both like was the hard part, but I found three good ones to start out with.  All in all, I made four freezer meals and did so in less than a half hour.  I’m on the search for new recipes already (so if you know of any – send them my way!!).


The recipes that I did were Chicken Cacciatore, Mongolian Beef, and Orange Teriyaki Chicken.   We’ve already had the Orange Teriyaki Chicken & Mongolian Beef – and both were a huge hit!!

All in all, the prep work and bagging time took a half hour…and most of that was for chopping onions!  I also discovered that we must have a thing for garlic, as all three recipes called for garlic!  Thankfully we buy it by the jar (already minced) so that prep work was done for me.  I didn’t thaw my meat at all before adding it in.  I would recommend laying them flat on a cookie sheet or similar tray in the freezer so that they freeze flat.  On the morning of cooking, I just threw all contents of the bag into the slow cooker…I did not thaw the night before like some blogs recommend, and it worked fine.  Thawing the night before would make it all go easier into the slow cooker though – but we are not “on top of our game” enough to figure out the night before what we want for dinner.  I mean, we barely know what we want for dinner at 6:00pm on the day of – but hopefully this will solve that problem! 😀

As my life gets busier in the next few weeks (coaching season is here again!), I know I’ll be thankful I have these.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying a peaceful evening at the Rouse house, listening to my new favorite song 🙂  Good night world!



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