BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches

Ok, so it’s a little bit longer than a “snap” – but I swear they’re super easy!

Our oven is out of commission, and long story short – we can’t get it fixed for a while.  So, we’ve been coming up with creative ways to cook on the stovetop or on the grill.  Tonight’s venture – BBQ pulled chicken sandwiches.  A great friend of mine recently informed me that my beautiful yellow Kitchen-Aid can be used for more than just desserts – you can shred chicken!

Start off by boiling chicken; I used 3 medium-sized boneless skinless chicken breasts.  Put them in a pot and fill it with water so that the chicken is just covered.  Put it on medium-high heat until it boil, then turn it down & let it simmer for 10-15 minutes until the insides are no longer pink (internal temperature of 170).  Then, transfer the boiled chicken to your Kitchen-Aid mixer.

use the Kitchen-Aid paddle to shred chicken

Using the paddle, turn the Kitchen-Aid on “stir” and let it work its magic!  Once chicken is shredded, add seasoning as desired.  I use mesquite seasoning, BBQ sauce, steak sauce & honey. The result is DELICIOUS!

BBQ sandwiches – YUM!
Bon appetit!

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